Forelsket i Svetlana…

Skrevet af Thomas Huulbæk Andersen
Thomas svarer på en mail fra den russiske ungmø Svetlana og det bliver til en længere korrespondance.

Jeg prøvede at svare på en mail fra Svetlana på 29. Hun var meget ensom og søgte lykken og det fik hun med Johann van der Smut.

Skriveriet med Svetlana kom til at tage meget længere tid end beregnet - det stod på i mere end to måneder. Ofte tog det mig lang tid at svare og Svetlana blev hurtig utålmodig.

My name - Svetlana, me of 29 years!
I am completely lonely, I search for the happiness.
I wish to find the person with whom could live till the end of the years.
I wish to find the prince, the love.
I corresponded with you on a site of acquaintances. But I not always
Could answer you!
But now I had again a desire to correspond with you.
I hope you not against?

Write me the answer to my address: .

I will wait for your answer.
I hope you to me you will write!

Der er tale om den helt klassiske første spam-mail. Ikke mange brugere på Spywarefri ville falde i den fælde.

Hello Svetlana

You look very nice. I am not against contact at all. Where are you from?

Regards, Johann

Hello my new friend Johann!
I am very glad that you paid attention to me and wrote me a letter. I will be glad to see you closer.
My name is Svetlana. I was born in October 11, 1980. Now I am 29 years old.
When and where you born? My height is 173 centimeters. My weight 50 kg.
I was not married. I have no children. But I love children very much. In my opinion, children are flowers of life.

I am looking for man for serious and long relations.
And I want to tell you that man for me, above all, his good heart and soul.
I am looking for intelligent and strong man who is able to protect and support his beloved woman and be faithful partner for her.
I want a man who will make me happy, it is very important to me.
I do not care the age difference or the difference in nationality.
I am interested in what is in the heart. I want to build a strong and loving family.

I do not have my own computer at home. I use the internet at work, but sometimes go out to internet cafes.
For me, it is important to have constant communication with you. This will allow us to know each other better.
Also, please always send me your photo.

I love to take care of my body. I prefer active way of life. I love sports, active recreation.
I think that people should always be on our toes. Do you agree with me?
That's why I do not look at his 29 years. I look much younger.

I spoke briefly about yourself. I hope to get your answer soon. If you really seriously interested in me, I'll talk more about yourself in the next letter.
I hope you answer me soon.
Your new friend Sveta.

Allerede nu vil det være helt fair at stille spørgsmålet: Hvad er formålet med denne artikel, Thomas? Og ja, det spørgsmål stiller jeg også mig selv mange gange under forløbet. Er det at finde frem til bagmanden? Kan vi finde frem til pigen på billedet? Det er nok også en god idé at gøre opmærksom på, at det ikke er nødvendigt at læse alle de citerede breve.

Hi Sveta!

I am happy to hear from you again!

I was born April 22, 1973 so I am 36 years old now. I was born in the north of Germany but we moved to Denmark when I was 4 years old.

I am a carpenter and have my own company.

I am active in sports (soccer, tennis, curling).

Where are you from? Do you have an education?

I am sorry but I don't have a great picture :(

Kind regards,

Jeg regner med, at ét foto er nok. Overvejede at benytte andre end mig selv - men hvem? Så jeg valgte et billede, hvor jeg ikke er nem at genkende - ikke at det betyder så meget.

Hello Johann!
I am very pleased that you responded to my letter. I am glad that you show me the attention and interest.
I would like to get your other photos from the life.

I live in Russia. This is very big and great country. Do you know something about Russia? My city has a name - Yoshkar-Ola.
My city is situated on the river Slow Kokshaga. This is a very beautiful city. In recent years he has expanded enormously and became more beautiful.
Our city has a population of approximately 260 000 inhabitants. you can see some places on the photo.

I graduated from the institute in his city. I studied at the Faculty of Economics. For a long time could not find a job.
And only 25 years old was able to get a job. I am currently working as an insurance agent in an insurance company. I like this work.
I work 5 days a week. The working day begins at 9:00 pm and ends at 17:00 hours Moscow time.
Please tell me about his work. Where do you work? What do you do in life?

Johann, you love music? I have no preferences of individual style of music. I listen to music on mood. I believe that music brings a boost of energy.
Scientifically proven that music can act differently on the brain. And that depends on state rights.
If you want to be cheerful, then listen to more energetic music. If you want to relax, listen to some more relaxed.

Also I love to spend time in the kitchen. I love to cook and do experiments with new dishes. is very interesting for me.
I also love the variety of salads. I think this is very useful and necessary to the body.
But for me also interested to hear about your kitchen. What do you prefer to eat?

I would like to ask you some questions. What do you like to do in your spare time? your favorite hobby? What is your character? What values do you have in your life?
I am pleased to communicate with you. I hope you do not make me wait a long time your answer ???)))
Waiting for your letter.

Så kører showet... Med god uddannelse og et godt job?

Hello again Sveta!

Thank you for your letter. I will show you more photos soon, I promise.

I work and live around Copenhagen which is the capital of Denmark with about 1,000,000 people. I have my own company so my working hours are many but I decide them myself.

I love music, all kinds of music like you and I agree, it gives a boost of energy wink

I like all kinds of food but I am not the best in the kitchen. Pasta is about all I am good at making, unfortunately. But if I have to choose I would choose a good steak!

I try to have as much spare time as possible and I use most of my time with family and friends. That is what I prefer. And of course I use some time trying to find a nice girl wink

Have a nice weekend!

Kind regards,

Målet er indtil videre at vente på, at Svetlana beder om et pengebeløb. Det kommer til at tage lidt længere tid end beregnet - heldigvis lærte jeg tifingersystemet i folkeskolen! Det reddede mig dog ikke fra at skrive Johan med et 'n'. Ups...

Hello my dear Johan!
I was very pleased when she received your letter. It is so nice for me to communicate with you and learn about you more and more.
you are really wonderful and interesting man.

Johan, I must tell you about my family. I am an orphan. My parents died in a car accident when I was 19 years old.
They were driving home from a long trip. And the bus on which they were riding collided with a truck. Unfortunately, my parents were sitting closest to the strike.
I was afraid to tell you about it. I was afraid that it will scare you away from me and you stop writing to me.
For me it was a big shock in my life. It is very painful to lose those closest to you. I cried and cried and was in a deep depression.
I have not even studied half a year because of disorder. But I found strength. I continued to live on!
I have a grandmother. it only helped me to learn, find work and get on their feet. I am very grateful to her in life. I really learned a lot from it.

I live in a separate apartment, which I inherited from my parents. I've long since learned to be an independent girl.
Tell me about your family. I am interested to know about your family.
I am very neat girl. Do not think that I was praising myself! I really watch for themselves, their order at home.
I believe that every woman should be economical and neat girl.
Now you know about me and my seme.Ya finish this my letter.
I'll wait for your answer.
Your Sveta.

Tragisk nyt fra fronten.

Hi Sveta!

Happy to hear from you again - but sorry to hear about your family... It must have been terrible. Of course it is not something that bothers me and I am very glad that you found a way through it. wink

My parents are alive but divorced - I love them both very much. Unfortunately they live a long way from me so we do not spend enough much time together. I would love to spend more time with them.

What are your plans for your future?

I am sorry I am writing short mails, but it is a very busy time in my company.

Kind thoughts,

Hello my beautiful friend Johann!
Get your letter gives me great joy and pleasure. I am so happy that I met you.
But I think that we have yet to learn that about each other.

Perhaps you have to ask myself why I'm looking for love on the Internet?
I am looking for my love on the Internet, because here I can be completely frank.
I am looking for a man who will love and appreciate me and my inner world.
Many men are interested only in my appearance. They are not interested in my soul. Such men do not arouse my interest.
I hope that for you, my inner part is more important. But I also want you to love my appearance.

Another important reason is that I am disappointed in Russian men. In life, everyone makes mistakes.
My last experience with a Russian man was sad for me.
My ex-man behaved not like a real man. He deceived me, and even raised his hand to me.
I believe that a man should not fool a woman, especially if it wants to have a serious relationship. Do you think I guess correctly?
And the fact that he can hit a woman is showing its weakness.
I have no man has quite a long time. I realized that I could not find a suitable man in Russia.
So I decided to try his luck on the internet. And now I met you. You are a man who really understands me.

You're talking to someone about our acquaintance? I am very interested to know about it.
Unfortunately I have no one to share his joy. I have no parents. Her friends are busy with their business.

We know each other very little. I would like to know about you and about your life much more.
I think that you also want to know about me a lot.
I very much look forward to your answer. Kiss you, yours Sveta

Ikke den flinkeste mand i verden, lyder det til. Svetlanas (eller Sveta, om du vil) mails kommer fra Rusland via portalen, som jeg ikke kender så meget til.

Dearest Sveta,

Yes, I have always thought that the inner part is the most important - I am glad you think so too.

I cannot understand men who hit women; I am sorry it happened to you. I would never do that, I promise that. I have no sympathy for men who do not treat women properly.

So far, I am keeping our acquaintance a secret wink

Have you ever been outside Russia? I have never been to Russia but would like to visit Russia sometime in the future. Although Denmark is a nice country too and I rarely have the time to travel.

Yours, Johann

Jeg lægger op til, at jeg da gerne vil besøge Rusland.

My dear Johann.
I am very pleased to see your letters and read them. For all time of our acquaintance and correspondence I have an affection for you.
Each your letter I was very happy. I understand that without your letters to me would be very boring.
We live far apart, but this does not prevent us from understanding each other. I believe that understanding and trust are very important in our relationship between a man and a woman.
Unfortunately, I was not abroad Russia... But it is my children's dream..

Very suddenly I was visited by the thought of our meeting.
I'm a little dream, and represented our meeting. It's so mysterious!:) Now it's hard for me predstavit.No is still only my dreams.
I think that we still know little about and we need more time to better understand each other. you with me agree?
I think that you will understand me and you will not laugh at me.
For me, it is important to find a man who will love me sincerely, support and help to go through life.

I want more and more to know you.
I would like to know what you been doing? How is your day?
What qualities do you most allocate a woman? As far as your intentions are serious to me?
I think for you no trouble I sincerely answer these questions.
I finish the letter. I will wait your answer with impatience.
Gently kisses, yours Sveta.

Dearest Sveta,

I am again sorry I am so slow to write back - work is still very busy so I have very little spare time. :(

I am very happy about your thoughts! wink I do hope we get to meet sometime in the future. But yes, you are probably right, we should know eachother better. What does the word "predstavit" mean? I don't understand.

Other than working very much nothing interesting has happened since my last letter. Work, work work...

I have only honest intentions, I promise you. In you I look for honesty and sincerity mainly. And, also your cooking wink

Sorry I have ro run again, work awaits. I should have some free time soon - next week sometime - and I will have more time.

Yours, Johann

Der skete nu det lidt sjove, at Sveta kom til at sende samme mail igen som svar på ovenstående. Det bekræfter selvfølgelig, at der er tale om standard-mails indtil videre. Men lidt træls, hvis det skal bremse hele eksperimentet. Jeg skriver derfor:

Hi Sveta!

I think you resent your previous mail again by mistake smile I have already replied to this mail yesterday.


Det svarer hun aldrig på i næste mail.

Hello Johann!
Today, my morning was in a good mood. I woke up from the rays of the sun. My window was closed the curtains so the sun easily gone into my room. How's your day?
I am very pleased to receive your letter. I am glad that you understand me and answer my letters. For me, it is important to get a letter from you. So we can become intimate.

I am interested to know you have many friends? I think friends in life are needed. Sometimes they can support you, talk to you in a difficult moment.
I have one close friend. I really believe it and is prepared to share your thoughts.
She came to visit me. I was very glad her arrival. We sat at a table, drinking tea with honey cake.
Then we had a long talk to her on various subjects. At one point I told her that met with you. She was very sincere in my happy news.
It surprised me so that it felt very small among Russian men of good people. In her opinion to blame alcohol.
What is your attitude to alcohol? I think you use it to measure? In Russia it is really a big problem. On TV a lot of advertising of beer. I think it also affects humans.
I am totally against alcohol.

To me going on something is not clear, but very nice ... This is precisely when communicating with you. In reading your letters, my soul seemed to come alive.
You give me some positive energy. I always think of you, I dream ... I'm really happy walking!
You give me a smile on my face. You're a very good man. you have very attractive.

I must finish my letter. I am waiting with impatience for your answer!!
million kisses, yours Sveta.

Ja, Sveta har fået taget en del billeder.

Hi Sveta!

I am happy you like my letters - I feel the same way.

Today is a great day. I am going out to lunch with some good friends and the weather is improving. I have many good friends and a few great friends. When it comes to friends I am happy.

I have not told anyone about you yet. But probably will soon. wink

I rarely drink, maybe some Champagne on New Years evening and on special occasions.

Now, I must get to lunch - have a nice day with lots of smiles!

Hugs, Johann

Og en enkelt øl på Roskilde Festival.

Det tager tid at skrive mails, men jeg morer mig med mine venner med at joke om mit og Svetas forhold. wink Jeg mistænker min kæreste for at have et lidt ambivalent forhold til hele affæren.

My love Johann!
I am glad to receive your response to my letter. It's so wonderful that in this world is a man with whom I am very happy. I am pleased to know that our feelings are reciprocal to each other.
I've been pleasantly surprised at the ratio of my girlfriends to our acquaintance with you, and communicate.
My friends say that I became much happier and more cheerful. And all this because of our communication with you. I think that your letters have a positive energy from you.
We feel each other. Many times I presented that we will live with you in one city. That would be fine.
With each letter I understand that we are getting closer and closer to each other.
Now I can not imagine that I did, if I have not met you. I'm sure that could not find the same rights as you in Russia.
You are so gentle and kind. You're like the ideal man. This is a great pleasure to conduct a dialogue with you.
I very much hope that we can engage in dialogue with each other in reality. Every day I understand that you're the only man that I dreamed.
I was not happy because happy with you. You are my joy. Your letter raises my spirits to heaven.
I become very happy in his heart.
I understand that our relations are becoming more serious and more serious. Your words heat my soul and heart. You're in my heart every minute.
It's time for me to go home. I hope to receive your letter as soon as possible.
Gently kiss, your Sveta.

Dearest Sveta!

Once again I have not had much time to use a computer. You sound happy and that makes me happy! wink

I will write to you soon again, right now there's some important work to attend to. Hope we will meet sometime soon...

Yours, Johann

Emnefeltet for Svetas mails har været prydet med Hello my new friend Johann!, Hello my dear Johann!, Hello my beautiful friend Johann! og My dear Johann. Det næste skifter dog til send me your foto!!! - det er også første gang, jeg bliver kaldt prins...

Hello my dear Prince Johann.
Please, tell to me more about itself. Answer my letters and questions. It is important for me. Also I wish to receive your photos. Please do not ignore my request.
Thank you for your letter. Your words really pleased me and heated my heart.
How are you? mood? I hope you're all good.
I read your letter. And I understand that you are very kind and interesting man. I am very pleased that we are familiar with each other.
I hope that we can have more serious continuing relationship.
I thought a lot about us, about our feelings. I could not understand that in fact I feel for you.
But now I can confidently tell you that I fell in love with you. And this is a very serious sense. I must check my feelings.
Maybe now I seemed like a little girl, but I tell you of my sincere feelings. I say what's going on in my soul.
I began to understand and appreciate our friendship with you and fellowship. For me it is very important and valuable. I do not want to lose.
I want to tell you about my intentions. I have the most serious intentions for us.
I am sure that you are the man for me. We are approaching each other.
I could not think before that I would know such a remarkable man. You won my heart. And very happy with you.
But we will be even happier when we find each other in the real world. I hope that our relationship will have a very bright future.
Tell me truly what you think about our relationship? that you feel me? Your feelings mutual? It is very important to me to know.
I want to know you better. I will await your answer.
1000000000 kisses.
Your love, Sveta.

Sveta er blevet forelsket! Og det er min fødselsdag. Jeg når ikke at svare på mailen inden den næste kommer - fire dage senere.

This weekend I went to the village to my grandmother. On Sunday, 4 April was Easter Easter.
I arrived late last night. Therefore, no time to write you a letter.
Today I checked my mail and again received no response from you. What happened? Why do I write nothing?? I am very worried!

At Easter I and my grandmother painted eggs, cooked cakes, Easter. also prepared salads and other dishes.
Because we went on a picnic. Cooked ear of fish. The weather was wonderful. sun was shining. was a really bright day. How did you spend your weekend? "
My dear, I very much hope to get your answer. important for me to have with you a constant correspondence. I will wait your answer soon.
I love you!

My lovely Sveta!

I am so sorry I have not written you for some days. I was also on Easter holiday with my family and I did not have a computer where we were. We were in my parents summer home where there was no internet available. :(

It sound like you had a good Easter. I am not really religious, so it does not mean much to me - but I enjoy very much being with my family.

I really, really like you. It's strange... wink When am I going to see you?!

Love, Johann

Forresten er Johann van der Smut en karakter fra filmen Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Hello my sweet Johann!!
I checked my e-mail. I was very happy to receive a letter from you today. I am always with great pleasure I write you the answer. This raises my spirits.
For me it was a great pleasure to meet someone like you, my sweet. You became my ideal my star of captivating happiness.
You won a place in my big and hot woman's heart. My heart belongs to you. My heart can not live without you and your love.
I want to be with you, to feel your gentle touch and kisses. I want to hear sweet words of love from your lips.
My love for you is very strong. I understand how you became a close and dear person. I see you in my dreams, I always imagine us together, I think about you every day.
Because I love you! I've never loved anyone like I love you. This is a very serious sense. I say these words with all my heart!
Please, tell me about his feelings for me? What are you going to do next? What are your plans?
On this I finish my letter. I look forward to your prompt response.
Gently kiss and tight embrace.
With love.

Mindst tøj på nogensinde? Jeg tror vi har en vinder.

My dearest Sveta!

I am sooo happpy you feel that way. It really warms my heart.

I love the way you are so open about your feelings and I think I may be falling for you. I cannot stop thinking about you and I really hope we are going to be together (or atleast see eachother) some time in the future. And it shouldn't be too long. Maybe I could visit you? Or is it insane?

Again, sorry for the long delay in replying. It is only because I don't check my mail every day.

Do you want me to come visit you? I want to see you so I can talk to you. Maybe I could call you on the phone? I want to hear your voice wink


Er det muligt for mig at rejse til Rusland? Forslaget skal i hvert fald stilles. Jeg vil også gerne have et telefonnummer.

My sweet prince Johann!!!
You became very close to me man. You became my favorite man's best friend, you became my second half.
I am very much missing you near me. I love you. You're my greatest love, which I need.
My darling, I love you and me without you is very difficult to live. I want to be with you every minute, every moment. I realized this and is confident in his words.
I want to be with you, my dear. I want to again and again to write you a letter again and again to receive letters from you. I think you understand my words to you?
I spent all day in the dreams of our meeting. Two bodies pressed close to each other. I want to kiss your lips and hug you.
I understand that my life without you is not meaningful. Today, I only thought about you all day. We became frank with you, and I think that we should be together. I want to ask you and be with you.
I look forward to the day when we meet, when you talk to me at the meeting: "Hello my love! Finally we meet! ".
I feel sad when I look at happy couples of people. I also want as well as they walk with you, talk, see you. But you're not with me. You're far away from me.
But I am confident that we'll always be together. We're going next.
My dear, please tell me your opinion about our meeting. What are your future plans?
When your vacation? Are you really ready to come to Russia? Have you thought about our meeting in your country? For me, it is important to get answers to my questions.
Unfortunately I do not have the possibility to call you. I have no phone. I know it sounds strange. But I tell you the truth.
I will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I really want to hear your voice. Please let me know your phone number.
I very much hope that soon you will answer to my letter.
Gently kiss you.
Your love, Sveta

Hun har ingen telefon, hvilket er uheldigt. På et eller andet tidspunkt er mails holdt op med at være standardskabeloner. Der bliver nu svaret på konkrete spørgsmål. Det ser ud til, at Sveta hellere vil mødes i mit land.

Dearest, lovely Sveta!

Yes, I have no doubt, I am ready to come to Russia. smile But I would of course also welcome you in my country.

I could take some vacation some time next month - I can decide my self, really. What about you, when do you have vacation?

If you came here I would love to show you my country. Although I think it may be boring I am sure you will find it interesting and great.

Love, Johann

Jeg skulle nok have været mere vedholdende angående mit besøg i Rusland.

My love Johann!!!
Thank you for your very nice words. It touched my heart. Each your letter for me great joy.
I am glad that you want to meet me. Meetings are needed.
We can know each other even closer, to strengthen our feelings.
we are very close to each other. us for an unforgettable night of love and sex.
I believe that sex is important in relationships. This shows the love and appreciation from your partner.
But sex should not be without love ... Love is very important in a relationship.
I appreciate when a man loves my inner world, my character.

It is important to know where you are ready to meet? To travel to another country, I have a passport.
My vacation is planned in early May. I'll have 2 weeks vacation. Would you like to spend these days with me?

I can go to a travel agency to find out information about a trip to your country, as well as the cost of expenditure. What do you think?
I really want to spend their holidays together. I'll wait for your letter. I love you!

Ikke flere billeder. Nu skal der snakkes forretning.

Darling Sveta,

wink wink I agree with you very much.

I am ready to meet anywhere you want. I would like to spend your vacation with you - please let me know the precise dates so I can take time off work.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Hugs, Johann

my favorite Johann.
I learned everything necessary for my visit to your country. I had to time travel agent. She told me in detail everything you need for my trip to Denmark.

in order that we could finally have our long-awaited meeting ... I must begin registration of all my papers. I need a contract with a tour company, which will deal with my affairs.
for a contract I have to pay 50 Euro ... Only after that travel agent would work with me ... in the case of the conclusion of my contract with this company the first thing they will be around to help me and it will accelerate the process of issuing the visa.
at the same time my travel agent will make an application for my future tourist Visa.
its cost design for the trip to Denmark. is the sum of 270 Euro to the need to add that I have to pay 35 Euro as a tax collection at the embassy.
Upon receipt of the most essential documents, I can easily book tickets for himself at any airport in Russia. And immediately after that I'll have my trip to you my dear Johann.
full amount for the visa is 355 Euro. It cost a visa form, embassy fees, payment for travel agency services, the cost of travel for an interview at the embassy of your country. In my town there embassy. So I need to go to Moscow. I'll go for an interview before flying to you my love.
Now I keep a great hope in my heart that very soon we have no particular problems can be together.
Tourist visa is valid for 30, 60, 90 days.
For tourist visa requires the following documents:
- Passport (copy of all pages)
- 2 photos size 3x4
- Medical certificate
- Insurance
- Certificate of Employment.
After filing these documents visa will take shape about 5-7 days ..

with regard to the ticket, a ticket to the two ends of the economy class will cost about 550 euro. a ticket to Copenhagen. but the price may change. price depends on the day of the week, and airport arrivals.

Now this is my dream ... but dreams are only for that would come true ... I believe in it ... Now I keep my working day and look will be expecting your new answer .. A kiss for you my beloved Johann ... Your Sveta.

Hun har ret godt styr på sagerne... Jeg får ikke svaret i et par dage:

My love Johann. Why do not you write? I do not know what to do. I'm all nervous. I am very worried about you.
I do not get response from you for several days. I was tortured a lot of different thoughts. It is very difficult, lonely and sad.
I really miss you next. madly want you to be my love was beside me.
When we're together? I look forward to when I can start preparing their trip. Please answer me as soon as possible.
I love you.

Dear Sveta

I am so sorry - I have been very busy with work. I will write you tomorrow when I hopefully have some time.

Yours, Johann .

My love Johann.
Of course I understand that you have a lot of work and therefore could not tell me. sorry that you are not told about it immediately. I am also very worried about you. Every minute I was thinking about you. I miss you.
I will eagerly wait for your letter tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to the day of our meeting.
With love, yours Sveta.

Dear Johann.
I do not receive your letters already long. What happens? Why you do not write to me?
I miss you. I very much want that you wrote to me letters and did not forget about me.
For me important your attention. To me it is very lonely. Also it would be desirable your support.
Please, answer me in the near future.
Yours Sveta.

Dearest Sveta!

I am soooo sorry I have not written in a long time. It has been public holiday in Denmark so I have not been at a computer for some time.

Yes, please come to Denmark as soon as possible smile How much does it cost in all? If you pay I will pay you the money when you come here.

I really want you to come visit me in May. Do you think it will be possible? How long does it take to get visa?

I am excited in my stomach when I think about you visiting me!

Yours, Johann

Det ville være nemmere, hvis hun bare lagde ud og jeg betalte hende, når hun kom.

Hello my love Johann.
I really missed you. I was very bored and lonely without your letters. Only your letters help me feel close to you. I miss you.
How was your trip to Denmark? How did you spend the public holiday? I hope that everything is fun.
I am very glad that you want to meet me in May. Dear I'm all reported on the cost of the trip. You carefully read my letter? On the visa should be 355 euro. It is made out for 5-7 days. I signed you detailed information about the visa. As a ticket. I told you the approximate cost of your ticket. It is approximately 550 euro. A more accurate cost data and a ticket I can send you then when I know exactly the date of his departure.
I am glad that you are ready to help me. On a trip in the end I need about 900 euro. The only problem that I do not have much money. I can not even imagine where I take so much money. I therefore appeal to you for help. Dear you are ready to help me with this sum of money?
Understand that if I had my own money, I could easily organize their trip. I would never apply to you for help. my love understand that I seriously do not have such money. I look forward to your help. I hope for you is not a problem to send me the money?
If you send me money, then soon I will draw a visa and buy a ticket. and will soon be able to fly to you. I really want to come to you. I will never hold in Russia. I want to be with you my love. You are my very dear.
I'll check out your answer. I hope soon to receive your letter. I love you.
Your Sveta.

Beløbet er altså €900.

Dearest Sveta

Well, it is not too expensive. Is it for a round trip? I think I can transfer the money. How should I do it?

I am really looking forward to you visit - I can't believe you are really coming! wink

Love, Johann

My love Johann.
I am insanely happy that you replied. I thought a lot about you. I imagined our first meeting at the airport. It's so mysterious! I look forward to this day. I want to take you by the hand, look you in the eye and say with a smile: "Hello my love Johann!!! How happy I am to see you. I love you!" I believe that soon it will happen.
I am glad that you understand me and for you not to make problems to help me with money for the trip. my dear, of course, my ticket will be in two ends. At 900 euro is the total price of all visa costs + total price of the ticket in two ends.
Regarding the transfer of money. I learned about how to send money from another country. The bank advised me to use western union. This is a very fast, convenient and above all reliable system of remittances. This system in the world and exists in most cities.
To have transferred money through western union you need to know my data:
Country: RUSSIA
zip code: 424000
You come to any bank and explain everything to you how to send money. In order that I can get your money, then I will also need to know your data, which you will specify in the form western union. This includes: name of the sender, country and city of departure, number of transfer (MTCN). But it will be much easier and faster if you send me a copy of it to western union.
I hope that tomorrow you can send me money. If I get paid this week, then on Monday I will be able to go to the agency to contract and to apply for a visa. if I file papers on Monday, then by the Thursday or Friday of the visa will be ready.
my love, I very much hope you and your support. Everything now depends only on you. I hope that very soon we will be together. I look forward to this day. I very miss you, my prince!!! You're in my heart. I love you!!!
Waiting for your reply.
Always yours, Svetlana.

Sådan skal det altså gøres - Western Union; det er også det nemmeste. Hvordan kommer vi videre? Det bedste for artiklen er nok at overføre pengene, rejse til Yoshkar-Ola og overvåge Western Unions kontor 24/7. Selv om jeg nok så gerne ville en tur til Rusland, så kommer det desværre ikke til at ske. Det koster lidt mere end budgetteret for artiklen og jeg vil samtidig få svært ved at overbevise min kæreste om idéen med turen. Mens sagen overvejes skriver Sveta igen.

Hello my love Johann.
Today fine day. Sun shines. The street is very good. All happy. All is fine, but you will be even better.
Now I'm at work. Today is my last working day in the week. Ahead of the weekend. How do you plan to spend this weekend? My friend called me the rest of the city. But I refused. Because I do not want now to relax. I think about you and our appointment. To me you are very important. I hope that soon we will be together.
Dear when you're ready to send money? Today the banks of my city are open until 20:00. Tomorrow will only work on-call office banks. Therefore, my dear, I hope that today you can send me money. To early as Monday or Tuesday, I was able to conclude a contract and pay the visa application. Do you understand?
I very much hope to receive your early reply. I love you.

hello my love Johann.
Am I able to check their mail. Internet cafes have been closed due to public holidays in Russia. So I could not check email and write you a reply. Fortunately now all is well and I have a letter from you. I very miss you. I really missed you. I really wanted to be close to you.
I went to the parade in honor of the holiday. Was very large and beautiful parade. There was a lot of people. All celebrated the victory! The evening was very beautiful fireworks. I'm so sorry that I have no camera or a camera. What I would do photo and showed you.
Weather is very sunny and warm. I even had not a great tan body. How's the weather in your town? How was your weekend?
I am very sad that you did not answer me for a long time. I do not know what to think. I attend a lot of different thoughts. I am very hard now. You said he was ready for the meeting. You said that'll help the money. I'm so ashamed to say it. But I'm waiting for you to start the process a visa. This is not serious with your hand. My love I'm waiting and hoping. Surely you do not worry. Please write me an answer.
My love, my heart aches at the fact that we are not together. I am suffering much, and feel lonely. I am now seriously. Only you can make me feel better. I want to come to you. I want to finally get the pleasure being with you. Everything depends on thee. My love, very much depends on you. If we meet now, then it will be too late and I can not fly to you. We must seize this chance. I hope very much you.
Now I will finish this my letter. I'll sit and wait for your answer.
I love you.

Johann. You have very much disappointed me. (((now I understand that you simply played with me and has deceived me. To me it is very sick. What have I made to you bad? I really in you am enamoured. I trusted you. But you used me. (((as it is sick. I think that we need to stop our correspondence. I understand that I shall suffer from separation from you. But I think so it will be better. I want that the man with me respected and loved. I wish you all good.

Jeg går til bekendelse.

Hi "Sveta"

Yes, you are right. It was deceitful - but on both our parts.

I am writing an article on fraud and spam so I was investigating what actually happens when you reply to a spam/scam email. And now I know wink

Actually, I think the whole thing worked out quite well. I am surprised it took so long before you asked for the money. I was expecting it to come much sooner.

So I was wondering if it is possible to ask you some questions? You will of course remain anonymous wink

1. How many people actually end up paying?

2. Are you a single person or a group of people?

3. Where do you get the pictures for the mail correspondance?

4. How many people are your mailing with?

5. Can you make a living doing this?

I really think it's a very interesting business! wink

Best regards,

Really you have answered during the latest moment. What for nonsense you speak? You suspect me of swindle? Yes as you have dared it to make... Why you have deceived me??? What have I made to you bad??? I the real and sincere girl who really loved you.. On what basis you have declared me the swindler???
You have hurted me... I the next time was mistaken in the man. Around one liars and swines. Only mind also suffices to deceive innocent girls. To me up to tears it is now insulting. You very strongly have offended me.
But I do not bear your malice. I wish only to your of good luck, love and success in search of the new girl. I hope that you will find that unique which will make you happy and which you will love most lives. Goodbye.

Come on - why not just answer the questions? I work in a security company and I am 100 % sure that it is a swindle.

You very much very strongly are mistaken. I the present girl. Which has really fallen in love with you. But you have broken my heart and have hurted me very much on a shower. To me up to tears it is insulting. I do not understand what for I now to you I write. Probably I still have to you feelings and hope. But I nevertheless speak was not present. Farewell. Any more do not write to me and I shall try to forget you. I think so it will be better. bye

I have a new suggestion: I pay you €600 for an interview. Is that possible? Everything will be anonymous and I can transfer the money via Western Union.

Og her slutter korrespondancen. Jeg ville selvfølgelig ikke betale €600 og det er Sveta også klar over - det var mere for at kunne bevise, at der var tale om svindel.

Eventyret er endelig slut og hvad endte det så med? Tjah, jeg håber da at det et eller andet sted kan fungere som et eksempel på, hvordan man kan blive franarret lidt penge. Det kunne have været interessant at overføre pengene og se, hvad der derefter var sket. Flere penge? Er de gået tabt? Blevet stjålet? Jeg er sikker på, at Sveta ville forsøge at få flere penge - medmindre hun selvfølgelig pludselig stod ved min hoveddør! wink

Skrevet af: Hepta den 21. Maj 2010 10:34

Er lige kommet retur fra skadestuen, efter at have fortalt ” Kranen” at Svetlana da var en nydelig ung dame.

Men bortset fra det fin research der har ført til en god informativ artikel om et aktuelt emne.

Fint arbejde Thomas.
( jeg synes jeg så en der lignede dig på skadestuen? )

Hepta's billede
Skrevet af: ... den 21. Maj 2010 13:06

Meget interessant artikel. Køn dame, men jeg håber da ikke at nogen dansker falder i på det svindel og humbug som det jo er. grin

...'s billede
Skrevet af: dvdbangsrud den 21. Maj 2010 14:53

Virkelig flot arbejde.
Interessant, brugbart og indholdsrigt.

dvdbangsrud's billede
Skrevet af: forevernewbie den 21. Maj 2010 16:09

Det er en dygtig fotograf “hun” har fået til at tage de billeder.

Flot arbejde Thomas.

forevernewbie's billede
Skrevet af: Mig. den 23. Maj 2010 00:40

Jeg kan ikke huske hvad hjemmesiden hed, men der er nogen der har lavet et forum hvor målet er at spilde svindleres tid og penge:) Noget af det kan faktisk være ret underholdende:) Især når de får svindlerne til at rejse til et andet land i Afrika:)

Mig.'s billede
Skrevet af: Drudzi den 23. Maj 2010 01:58

Så viser det sig, at hun rent faktisk ikke var en svindler, og hun var klar til at rejse.

Phew, så er der vidst begået en fejl et eller andet sted raspberry

Men ret god artikel alligevel. Den kan man godt bruge, til et foredrag om scams og anden form for svindel.

Drudzi's billede
Skrevet af: Sigge den 23. Maj 2010 16:56

Hej Thomas jeg kan ihvertfald godt svare på et af dine spørgsmål til Artiklen. og når ja grunden til at jeg kan det har intet at gøre med net svindel har bare selv været ude for en mexicansk hacker som fik lagt en eller anden proxytrojan på min computer.
når men nu til svaret. Enten så bruger de en side som ellers så benytter de google, facebook ellers så hyrer de bare en eller anden fattig russisk ungmø til at stå model til deres billeder.

Sigge's billede
Skrevet af: ... den 23. Maj 2010 17:33

Jamen de hyrer bare en russisk ungmø som model. Det er 100% sikkert, og banditterne bag er hårde russiske kriminelle af hankønsvæsen og som således ikke har noget til fælles med den kønne model. Den samme model er brugt igen og igen.

...'s billede
Skrevet af: Stegemueller den 25. Maj 2010 19:42

Jeg har med stor glæde og fornøjelse læst denne artikel! Hold da op en industri; jeg begriber ikke, at der er mennesker, der hopper på det. Jeg har faktisk ofte selv tænkt på at indlede en korrespondance med nogle af afsenderne, men har ikke rigtig turdet af frygt for KGB og den russiske mafia grin men nu har du gjort det for mig Thomas - tak for det.

Stegemueller's billede
Skrevet af: knitter den 27. Maj 2010 11:15

Fin artikel.
@ Mig: Den side du tænker på er sikkert denne
Siden virker useriøs ved første øjekast, men det er den ikke.
og ellers findes der rigtig mange sider om det emne, hvis man søger på russian brides.eller andet i den genre.

knitter's billede
Skrevet af: Nevi den 04. Jun 2010 08:22

Hehe fin og underholdende læsnng.Jeg har prøvet noget af det samme på et tidspunkt,hvor jeg blev “antastet” af en Russisk pige(eller hvad det var) gennem mail.Jeg prøvede at køre med på spøgen.Det var totalt samme mønster som her.
Det ville godt nok være spændende at vide mere om “baggrunden”,de samme spørgsmål du stillede,men sjovt nok ikke fik svar på?:)
Ingen tvivl om de piger får bid ind i mellem.
Tak for en underholdende artikel “Johann”.

Nevi's billede
Skrevet af: Ulrich33 den 04. Jun 2010 12:33

swet er ikke den eneste ensomme russer;o)

Hello my love Ulrich!!!
My love Ulrich I is very glad to read your letter,
I am glad that you have expressed the opinion concerning my past, it pleases me!
The darling Ulrich as your affairs?
Ulrich I’m fine, only one me pleases, these are thoughts on you,
Ulrich I wish to tell that I think every day of you, and it seems to me that I again have fallen in love,
Ulrich I have started to understand that you do not suffice me,
Ulrich I do not have not enough you when I sleep, when I eat to me too there is no you,
when I walk and at this time me very strongly does not suffice you,
Ulrich when I go to a shower to me again sadly, because we is far,
Ulrich me pulls to you and about everyone in the afternoon more and more,
I feel that between us is that that, and I want that we were together,
but to us stirs the big distance how us it to overcome???
The darling Ulrich I wish to set to you questions, I ask you, answer them, for me it is very important!
1. Ulrich you trust me?
2. The darling Ulrich that you to me feel?
3. My love Ulrich what you have made if I have wanted to arrive to you?
4. The darling Ulrich you would make all, that only we were together?
5. Ulrich you precisely trust me?
Ulrich why I ask you about it because I do not love when to me do not trust, I do not love BOXES,
and I want that between us there was only a true, I think that you too want it?
Ulrich why you do not wish to talk to my mum? Ulrich you that the opinion of my mum does not interest,
that is not interesting to Ulrich you?!
The darling I wish to tell that I my mum want that we have met you, as I told to it about you,
and it liked your words which you spoke me, but I think that it will be difficult to us to
overcome such long way, Ulrich that you about it think?
Ulrich I once again wish to tell, that you spoke me only the truth as that I speak that to you,
I speak in all sincerity, and is final only the truth, and I do not love those who plays with
feelings of people, I do not love those who searches only for money,
I do not respect such people, and I want that you knew it!
It is time to Ulrich me!
Yours forever lovely, dear Ekaterina!t..

Ulrich33's billede
Skrevet af: Hepta den 04. Jun 2010 13:09

Ulrich hvad har du dog gang i dernede i varmen smile

Hepta's billede
Skrevet af: PND den 20. Jun 2010 18:33

Ja, Sveta er åbenbart all over…
Havde en lidt sjov oplevelse for nogle år siden da Nigerianer mails var på deres højeste ( off topic I know ), men alligevel:
Har et meget specielt efternavn, som jeg har giftet mig til ( findes kun i DK ):
Dear xxxxxx ( det viste sig, at jeg havde en tordnende rig olie baron onkel i Texas med nøjagtig samme efternavn? )som bare skulle have overført nogle tusind dollars, så ville “advokaten” klare det fornødne og overføre 100 mio dollars til min konto ( skulle oplyses forstås hvilket jeg naturligvis ikke gjorde.. ) og så var jeg ellers en hovedrig dansker, der kunne slappe af under sydens sol og ikke tænke på penge mmm. Svarede tilbage ( det ved jeg godt man ikke skal, men kunne ikke lade være ) at de par 1000 dollars kunne han nok skaffe som advokat, og når han så havde overført alle de rare mange penge til min konto, så skulle jeg nok indsætte 10 mio dollars på hans konto ( mærkeligt nok fik jeg hverken kontonummer eller svar ) - hmm tja: er sikker på at Sveta nok ser noget bedre ud end “advokaten og arveonklen”, men en rigtig griner Thomas; sjov læsning og fint du kørte den til ende trods kærestens eventuelle modsigelser!!

PND's billede
Skrevet af: Nevi den 29. Jun 2010 11:10

Hi my friend Nevi!
I so ready today to receive a mail from you! And I so glad to see,
that you received my mail and answered! And I so happy that you
understood my entire letter! I would like to continue our
correspondence and I hope you too! It’s very interesting
for me to read your messages, from them we are learning more about
ourself, and I begin know more about you, Nevi.
As I want to tell that I have decided to get acquainted through an
Internet due of my girlfriend Irina which one year back has gotten
acquainted with the foreigner James, I have said you about
this earlier. Nevi, may be, possible, we will together in the
future time, may be I would like to look the marriage too, if you
will want this, I don’t want to hide this so important fact,
but we must to learn more things about each other more and more,
it will reasonably and correctly, really, Nevi? I hope that you
will agree with me with this fact too. Please, tell me about this, ok?
My dearest friend Nevi, I would like to tell you about my family.
I want to say to you that I have a large family too. This are my mom
Tasya, my daddy Oleg too. Also I have two sisters. They are Lyuda and
Masha. My sister Lyuda is 23 years old. But Masha is smaller sister
between me and Lyuda too, Masha is 17 years old.
On professions my mom is a seller in the shop. My father likes works
driver in hospital. He has a lot of business trips, but its not very far,
as a rule. Everybody knows him in my town. My sister Lyuda is a student of
the university, she is studing on the lawyer, and Masha is a schoolgirl.
Our family are living without any conflicts too, we have a good
understanding between our members of our family. Because, I think that
our parents gave to us a good education. I think that it’s so good and
I’m so proud that we have my mom and my daddy. Also I want to say to
you that I live with my family in one apartment.
Also I want to tell that I have consulted with my parents about the
account my acquaintances with you through the Internet, they have
estimated it as positively because they care about my future life of
course. My parents would want that I have a happy life, and would want
that I will find my man. As I told you earlier, I have never been
As already I spoke to you earlier, I work as a assistant to the
bookkeeper here in Ekaterinburg City.  My job is very pleasant for me,
people in our city are kind, and visitors are not roughness to us,
certainly there are cases when the visitors are not correct with us
and spoil mood, but it happens very seldom. I’m very interested to
learn about your work, Nevi, and what do you do in free from work time?
During our weekends, in my free time, we are with my girlfriends, also
with James and Irina sometime, go for a walk to the city, we like to
sit in cafe too for a cup of tea. I like my girlfriends very much,
especially my best girlfriend Irina. She is as native sister for me!
Irina have visited James to America at last time,James asked Irina to
visit in America him after that when they have understood that
they love each other. I remember, Irina was so happy in this time.
They lived together during two month in America. And then they
have came to Russia, to Ekaterinburg City too, simply, Irina
said to James that she have missed about her parents, and that she
want to visit on some time her parents, and they came to Ekaterinburg from
America. They are very happy together, they love each other very much,
I envy to Irina and James slightly smile and also, of course, we meet
with each other sometimes and spend a lot of time together. We are so
good friends! Also I want to say to you that I have never been outside
of Russia, I have never been in an other countries, but I would like
to travel at once, it’s so romantical, I think smile
Well, Nevi, I must to finish my e-mail to you, I hope that we will
continue to correspond with each other and you will tell me much more
about yourself, and I will try to tell about myself as more as
possible in future e-mails. I want to ask you about more things,
Nevi, and I hope that you will understand my questions and will
answer me for them. I want to learn more about your country, please,
tell me about your family, about your friends. A great hello to you
from my family, my friends Irina and James too. I hope to see your
message soon.
In the end of the letter I wish to tell to you, that you are the first person
with whom I have got acquainted on the Internet. I do not communicate with anybody except for you.
I hope, that you understand me.



Jeg vil have ferie! lol!

Nevi's billede
Skrevet af: ... den 29. Jun 2010 11:20

Nu hænger du på den Nevi grin

...'s billede
Skrevet af: Nevi den 29. Jun 2010 11:31

Det er utroligt.Jeg skrev dagen før,at jeg havde en Dansk kæreste der ville blive meget sur hvis jeg pludslig startede med at skrive til en Russisk pige.Det overså hun fuldstændig,så nu stopper jeg simpelthen med at svare,så kan det være hun stopper på et
Man kan da håbe..

Nevi's billede
Skrevet af: ... den 29. Jun 2010 11:36

Ja man overser det som skal overses. Vi ved jo alle at i bund og grund gælder det hele jo om at få overført nogle penge til Rusland.

...'s billede
Skrevet af: Hepta den 29. Jun 2010 11:36

Du må godt låne mit brugerbilled. Så stopper al kommunikation omgående fra hende(ham? ) smile

Hepta's billede
Skrevet af: Nevi den 29. Jun 2010 11:37


Nevi's billede
Skrevet af: Jens Peter den 03. Jul 2010 14:04

Jeg har også prøvet det og jeg svarede pænt, at det ikke havde interesse.

Faktisk er der jo mange russiske piger, der gerne vil til vesten, det er jo ingen hemmelighed, at de russiske mænd er noget fordrukne, så jeg vil ikke uden videre betragte det som spam.

Hvad skal de piger ellers gøre, hvis deres henvendelser bare anses som værende fup?

Dette er en mulighed, der ikke koster ret meget, som jeg også har set brugt i Tailand af de piger, der ikke ville nedværdige dem selv ved arbejde på langs i de store byers barkvarterer.

Naturligvis har de ikke til billetten herop og det er jo hvordan manden bor og hans omgangskreds, som de er interesserede i, så hvorfor lade ham komme til Rusland, hvor han kan give den, som noget han ikke er?

Nej jeg synes at pengene skulle have været sendt og var hun så ikke dukket op, så kunne man have kaldt det for den nye spamfidus, her fik pigen aldrig en chance og læg mærke til, at hun bestemt ikke er med på, at hun skulle være en “fidus”

Tværtimod har journalisten jo misbrugt hendes tillid og det ses jo, at der går længe inden der kommer penge ind i det, men naturligvis har hun da ikke de penge, de tjener jo ikke ret meget derovre, hvis de overhovedet har arbejde.

Så frem med en single-journalist, der mangler selskab og kærlighed, så kan man se hvad der sker:-)

Til sidst så afviser jeg naturligvis ikke, at der sikkert også er brådne kar i den del af internettet, men det er ikke nok til at postulere, at det er fup altsammen, hvor mange skal ikke have lidt på den dumme ved siden af af dem, der har annoncer på scor eller lign.?

Jens Peter's billede
Skrevet af: Thomas Huulbæk Andersen den 09. Jul 2010 09:59

Du har selvfølgelig ret i, at artiklen ikke beviser 100%, at der er tale om svindel.

Men 99% er også nok for det meste. Der er alt for mange tegn på svindel - ikke kun pengene.

1. Hvorfor sige nej til er interview, selv om du ikke er svindler, hvis du er en uskyldig fattig russer? Jeg tilbyder gode penge.

2. Hvorfor optræder samme billede i forskellige spam-mails og med forskellige oplysninger om alder og uddannelse?

Thomas Huulbæk Andersen's billede
Skrevet af: Jens Peter den 09. Jul 2010 22:29

Nu har jeg ikke set noget steds, at samme billede optræder i forskellige mails med varierende oplysninger, hvilket jo tyder alvorligt på, at der er noget galt.

Det kan jo være dem, der sætter mails’ne op for de unge piger, der kludrer i det, de skriver jo ikke selv, hverken den første henvendelse eller de senere breve, deres engelsk er næppe godt nok til det, hvis de kan noget overhovedet.

Årsagen til afslaget på at give et interview kunne være, at pigen ikke vil ødelægge sine chancer fremover.

Men lad det være, det kan da sagtens være svindel, man skal jo under alle omstændigheder tænke sig om, inden man sætter pengene i kærlighed eller i at score kassen ved at redde en konges penge ud af et eller andet mystisk land i Afrika eller lignende.

Det er sund strategi altid at overveje hvorfor der bliver rettet henvendelse til ens person og kommer der en sværm af henvendelser næsten enslydende - hvilket man kan kontrollere på nettet - så er det klogt at søge eksempelvis kærligheden ad andre veje.

Jens Peter's billede
Skrevet af: ... den 15. Jul 2010 08:05

Hej Jens Peter

Jeg tror at vi en gang for alle bliver nødt til at gøre det helt klart at hæderlige kontaktsøgende russiske kvinder ikke bruger spammails som en vej til at få en kæreste herover.

Situationen i Rusland er jo ikke som før. Alle unge mænd og kvinder kan frit rejse ud af landet. Jeg har da mødt adskillige på ferie på Gran Canaria, også single-kvinder. Situationen for pigerne i Rusland er ikke anderledes end situationen for pigerne i Danmark.

Jeg er da lidt ked af at der stadig er nogen herhjemme som virkelig kan hoppe på den slags bondefangerier og sørge for at russiske kriminelle får en mængde penge på bankkontoen. Det ER og BLIVER det rene bondefangeri. Det kan ikke sagtens være svindel som du skriver. DET ER SVINDEL.

...'s billede
Skrevet af: strych9 den 18. Jul 2010 16:59

Med lidt google søgning kan man ret hurtigt eksponere disse dating scams, idet folk hurtigt smider brevene online. Som f.eks med Svetlana her:
“Hun” har tilsyneladende været aktiv i et par år minimum.

Angående den betalingsinfo hun giver så behøver vist nok kun navnet at være korrekt med Western Union. Så det er ikke sikkert at hun findes i Yoshkar-Ola. På noget andet korrespondence som ret hurtigt kan findes frem online står der at hun findes i Samara. Måske er denne Svetlana bare en person som har fået sit ID stjålet, måske er hun bare en studerende som for et par dollars agerer stråmand og henter penge på et western union kontor.
Man kan altså glemme alt om at “buste” de kriminelle der står bag, og i det hele taget bør rådet være det samme som det politiet giver mht. Nigeria brevene: Lad være med at svare på dem, heller ikke for sjov. Man skal holde sig væk fra kriminelle.

Med hensyn til at gardere sig imod bondefangeri så er det meget meget simpelt: Lad være med at sende penge noget sted hen med Western Union, eGold og den slags. Hold dig til god gammeldags bankoverførsel, for banken kan typisk hjælpe dig med at få pengene igen. Disse dating scammers påstår altid, at fordi det land de kommer fra er i en elendig forfatning, så kan man ikke få en bankkonto der. Det er løgn. I alle lande i østblokken (Rusland, Ukraine, Hviderusland, Kazakhstan osv) kan enhver få en bankkonto.

“I learned about how to send money from another country. The bank advised me to use western union” - hvorfor skulle en bank, som er fuldt ud i stand til at modtage internationale pengeoverførsler, råde hende til det når western union nu har nogle uhyrlige gebyrer på flere hundrede kroner for at sende nogle penge. smile

Nu hvor emnet er oppe vil jeg gøre opmærksom på at disse antiscam sites er et tveægget sværd. Der er talrige eksempler på perverse vestlige mænd som har tvunget reelle piger fra øst til at sende nøgenbilleder eller lave “ting” på webcam, under truslen om at de ellers ville placere en notits på en antiscam site, og dermed ødelægge pigens muligheder for at møde en seriøs mand. Altså decideret afpresning. Andre er bare klamme sexturister som med søde ord om romance forsøger at få sex.
Pigerne har svaret igen med deres egen website, og der kan man blandt andet se følgende noble danske drenge i fuldt vigør:
Det er ikke altid at Danmark og danske mænd skal have alle fairplay pokalerne, selv om vi godt selv kan lide at se det på den måde!

strych9's billede
Skrevet af: r214si den 11. Aug 2010 21:52

Lang…men interessant grin

Jeg kan godt fortælle hvad der sker…Det skete for en bekendt som mistede godt 35.000 kr på sin naivitet.

Det hele var som beskrevet, og derefter sendte hun en kopi af sit visum til DK, så han kunne være sikker.
Han sendte pengene med Western union, og hun sendte en kopi af flybillet. Hun glædede sig vildt…..
Dagen efter hun skulle være ankommet fik han et tårevædet brev om at hun havde siddet i lufthavnens bar, og fået en sodavand før afgang…Og så var hun saftsusme blevet bestjålet sin håndtaske, naturligvis med alle pengene, og sin mobiltlf.


Her fattede han endelig fidusen, og bad hende kneppe den russiske mafia, og hvis den ville ham noget så kunne de bare komme til DK grin

Om jeg havde ondt af ham ??? Ikke det mindste. Dumhed straffes grin

Så pas på derude….


r214si's billede
Skrevet af: ... den 11. Aug 2010 22:50

Ja, sådan foregår det r213si. Det der er det virkelige problem er at naive danskere bliver ved med at falde i. Bliver de dog aldrig klogere? NEJ!

...'s billede
Skrevet af: Jens Peter den 12. Aug 2010 14:05

Hvor trist men sådan må det jo så være, det er nu ellers ikke fordi der nødvendigvis er mere svindel i Rusland end andre steder.

Det er meget værre end man tror her til lands, jeg levede med og af det i den del år, mens jeg var praktiserende advokat.

Det er helt utroligt så mange mennesker, der bliver snydt hver eneste dag, men som oftest går det godt altså set fra svindlernes side.

De fleste er nemlig skrækslagne for sådan noget som at føre sag eller at blive hevet i retten, registreret i Ribers, nu RKI.

Mange kunne godt få deres penge hjem igen, hvis de turde, men det lever svindlerne jo højt på, at folk ikke gør.

Vh Jens Peter

Jens Peter's billede
Skrevet af: TRJ den 23. Okt 2010 16:27

The girl:Im doing it for the money…
The man : yearh i know.. ..
Virkelig sjov del at læse må jeg indrømme wink
Tror at næsten alle ville kunne se hun bare gjorde det for pengenes skyld raspberry .....

Men pyha troede ikke det ville fange min opmærksomhed men det gjorde det ski wink

Cool forum cool site this is just cool!

Fedt sted i har fået banket op på nettet spyware. Godt jeg blev henvist til den her side smile

TRJ's billede
Skrevet af: kennethbmw den 18. Nov 2010 14:47

Svetlana er lige begyndt med mig også... smiler…

Hello Kenneth,
My name Svetlana. You remember me? Some days I have asked to write to you to me. 
Never earlier I used the Internet for acquaintance to other men. The Internet does not cause trust in me, but I have got tired to be lonely. When your birthday? Though, the difference at our age
cannot become a problem for our dialogue. The friendship can unite any age. Now to me of 33 years. My date of birth on December, 23rd, 1976. Looking at my photos you can estimate my physical beauty.
However, till now I lonely. Men with which I am familiar do not involve me, all of them are boring.
I search for the man on is more senior the age that it was not to me boring, I wish to know about you more.
Please, your photos have gone to me. It is assured, that at you a beautiful smile. Kenneth, viewing of your photos will help me to learn better you and your life.
Do not laugh over me. I the sociable girl, but I have got used to communicate in a reality. I like to see the person of the person at conversation and to see emotions. I hope, that now on your person
a smile, and at you good mood.
I not married, at me was not present children.
You the man, and I think, that our communication also will not frighten you. I already spoke to you about Trust? Now we with you at all do not know each other… I wish to get acquainted with you.
I have taken a great interest in a writing of the letter to you… I never thought, that I can write such letters, especially to the man whom at all I do not know. Kenneth, I hope, that you
do not regret about time which has spent for reading of my letter. I wait, that you will not ignore my letter, and will answer me. I have absolutely forgotten to tell. I live in Russia.
Sincerely, Svetlana

kennethbmw's billede
Skrevet af: ... den 18. Nov 2010 18:22

Er hun efterhånden ikke blevet lidt dårligere til engelsk?

...'s billede
Skrevet af: Futz0r den 23. Nov 2010 10:38

Jo, hendes engelsk er blevet meget dårligere.. og et tegn mere på at dette er “penge-lokker”

Først skriver hun ( My name is Svetlana. I was born in October 11, 1980. Now I am 29 years old. ) også til kenneth

“The friendship can unite any age. Now to me of 33 years. My date of birth on December, 23rd, 1976. “

Hun blev sgu lige pludselig meget ældre på et par dage :D

Futz0r's billede
Skrevet af: Nevi den 02. Dec 2010 13:24

Er jeg den eneste der syntes der er utrolig mange Russiske piger der prøver i øjeblikket?Jeg tror jeg har fået 3-4 mails sidste uge,og 2 i denne (nye)?

Nevi's billede
Skrevet af: ... den 02. Dec 2010 15:17

Jeg har ikke fået én eneste grin

...'s billede
Skrevet af: Nevi den 03. Dec 2010 12:38

Ja der er nogen der kan.
Jeg har efterhånden fundet ud af,det bedste simpelthen er bare at slette dem.I starten var jeg dumhøflig og skrev nej tak.Men det bevirker bare at så kommer der flere,så jeg har efterhånden lært den lektie nu.:D

Nevi's billede
Skrevet af: Søger den 13. Jan 2011 16:19

Jeg giver lige artiklen et lille “bump” da jeg er stødt på noget ret sjovt.
Jeg ved ikke om det er O.K at linke til billeder, men her er et af en reklame jeg fandt på en side:
Svetlana på 29 er åbenbart over det hele:P

Søger's billede
Skrevet af: ... den 13. Jan 2011 16:36

Joh, det må du gerne. Det er nu ikke helt den samme person så vidt jeg kan se, men ja de er over det hele de Svetlanas.

Der er nu ikke megen forskel på russere og danskere længere, da russerne også er over det hele. Du møder dem endda på ferie på Gran Canaria. Mange er lige så “velhavende” som danskerne.

...'s billede
Skrevet af: apm den 23. Jan 2011 13:38

Hej. Sjov historie. scam fra de russiske såkaldte piger, er kedelige i længden, da de hopper af hvis ikke man overfører penge. Der findes et hav af scam forsøg. Og naturligvis eller heldigvis er der nogle der ofre tid på at spilde scammernes tid. Vi er nogle der praktiserer dette regelmæssigt(419 eaters). Se mere på: (Jeg kan anbefale at læse letters archive). Her er bl.a en historie hvor en 419 eater drev den så langt ud at han fik scammeren til at sende penge den modsatte vej i stedet. Min favorit historie er helt klart:

En anden underholdende historie er denne:

apm's billede
Skrevet af: ... den 23. Jan 2011 14:09

Ja, de er virkelig gode mange af dem.

...'s billede
Skrevet af: Nevi den 23. Jan 2011 16:35

ROFL.. jeg har lige siddet og læst mig hele vejem igennem den scam mod den Nigerianske scammer,der fik igen af sin egen medicin,og det er noget af det sjoveste jeg har læst om meget længe.Tak til apm for at linke til siden.
Stærkt anbefalet læsning,hvis man gerne vil grine indtil man næsten tisser i bukserne af

Nevi's billede
Skrevet af: TBoots den 07. Feb 2011 15:11

Læs lige denne artikel. Så kan den slags sættes i det rigtige perspektiv:

TBoots's billede
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